Intro to Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a quick and simple way to create cool social media posts, webpages, and videos. This tutorial will walk you through this easy-to-use (and completely free) creative program!

Photoshop Selection Tools Explained

Mastering Photoshop's wide variety of selection tools can speed up your workflow immensely. Selections are a huge concept in Photoshop that other crucial techniques like masks, fills, and adjustments depend on. This quick tutorial will walk you through all the most important shortcuts and tips on how to make great selections.

The Excel Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet for PC and Mac users

Want to get more familiar with Excel and impress your employers at the same time? Learn these keyboard shortcuts to navigate Excel sans-mouse and to work faster, easier, and more efficiently. This "cheat sheet" to Excel will equip with you with the simple shortcuts you need to navigate, select, format, and edit in Excel with ease.