Tool: Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world’s best creative apps, so that you can turn your brightest ideas into your greatest work across your desktop and mobile devices! Use the software for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography and more. As USC Annenberg students, you all get access to this incredible set of tools. To help you get started, we’ve compiled tutorials for all the different Adobe software. Don’t know where to get started? See our Intro to Adobe Creative Cloud page to see what each software can help you create. Check out (available all USC students) and Adobe’s tutorials at Adobe Learn.

Our Experts:

Josh Logan Bonita Nongluk

Intro to Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a quick and simple way to create cool social media posts, webpages, and videos. This tutorial will walk you through this easy-to-use (and completely free) creative program!

Photoshop Selection Tools Explained

Mastering Photoshop's wide variety of selection tools can speed up your workflow immensely. Selections are a huge concept in Photoshop that other crucial techniques like masks, fills, and adjustments depend on. This quick tutorial will walk you through all the most important shortcuts and tips on how to make great selections.