Creating Panoramas in Adobe Photoshop

Learn to create seamless panoramas in minutes by merging separate photos using the Photomerge and Content Aware Fill tools in Adobe Photoshop.

Tips for taking photos for panoramas:

  • Overlap each photo by about 25%
  • Keep white balance the same between shots and don’t use auto white balance
  • To keep the exposure the same, use manual or aperture priority modes
  • Use manual focus
  • Keep your camera level (a tripod will help)

My phone already has a pano mode! Why should I bother?

  • Sometimes, you get weird distortions using built-in panoramas. Photoshop gives you control over how exactly photos are stitched and distortions are handled (i.e., through cylindrical/perspective modes)
  • You can just snap a few quick photos instead of standing there trying to hold your phone steady while panning
  • It’s easier to account for objects moving around in your shot by taking still photos