Improving your Lightroom Workflow

After importing photos into Lightroom, we typically don’t want to use all of the photos we took during a session, so we have to cull through and select the ones we want to keep. The first way to cull is to flag photos you prefer.

Part 1: Flagging

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Part 2: Filtering

After flagging photos, we can filter out the photos we didn’t flag (aka the photos we didn’t want).

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Step 3: Starring

Another way to select photos is to star/rank the photos instead of flagging them. Starring is not as efficient as flagging, but gives you more options if you have photos you want for different uses. For example, if I want specific photos for a blog post, I can rank them with 5 stars. For the photos I want to post on Facebook, I can rank them with 4 stars, etc.:

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Part 4: Presets

After culling/filtering out the photos to the ones we want, the next step is to edit. If you have multiple photos, developing presets allows you to use the same edit on a photo for different photos, and is a great way to save time:

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Part 5: Batch Editing

Another way to save time and use the same edit for multiple photos is to batch edit, or syncing the edit to selected photos.

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Part 6: Exporting

After you have the photo(s) you want edited, it’s time to export.

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