Make a stunning animated video in minutes with Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is a great way to quickly create compelling video with voice-over on an iPad.

Voice allows you to quickly take a story to the next level by combining local libraries of stock music and design templates with online libraries of stock vector graphics and images. All of these assets are royalty free and have a free creative license.

Check out the following project that I made in Adobe Voice on my iPad.

To get started you need 3 things:

1) A quiet room with soft walls. A bedroom should be just fine.

2) An iPad.

3) A story that can be converted to a script of one-liners. Voice works best with single sentences for each slide. A little preparation of converting your story to a list of a sentences (2-3 max) will drastically reduce the learning curve in Voice. Each line will have its own slide in Voice. This process will save you hours of work.

Part 1: Opening Voice for the First Time

Pull the story and write the script. Do not start searching for assets.

Assets are built into Voice, so contrary to most mediums of the sort, you do not need assets other than a script to get started.

I’ve pulled the following story from

Let’s convert this story into a bunch of one-liners that will each get a single slide of information. (Because I’m doing this as a demo, I will make the story really short, you can see my longer version at the top of the page)

Our Script of One-Liners:

  • Slide 1) 6 Industries Affected by the Drought In California (Title Card)
  • Slide 2) The water restrictions imposed in California will mean more than just brown lawns. For these industries, water is intrinsic to doing business.
  • Slide 3) Here are the top 6 industries that will be affected
  • Slide 4) Agriculture
  • Slide5) California is largest agriculture producer of any state, to the tune of $46.4 billion in 2013, with fruits and nuts pulling down $20 billion of that. Agriculture uses more than 80% of the state’s water.
  • Slide 6) Food Processing
  • Slide 7) California not only grows food but processes it. In 2005, the state had 11% of the country’s food-processing jobs.
  • Slide 8) Semiconductors
  • Slide 9) A single semiconductor fabrication plant can use as much water as a small city.
  •  Slide 10) Energy
  • Slide 11) As less water is available to turn turbines and generators, utilities must find replacement power, which will typically be more expensive.
  • Slide 12)Tourism and leisure
  • Slide 13)The direct impact on tourism and leisure is still not clear, although ski resorts have been hit hard resulting in closures.
  • Slide 14) Water Utilities
  • Slide 15)The problems for water utilities are multiple. The need to conserve raises the issue of inefficiencies and maintenance problems.
  • Slide 16) Thanks for watching and remember to conserve your water!

This script is much shorter, but more to the point.

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Part 2: Starting your slides

Create a slide and record a voice over for each slide.

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Part 3: Selecting Assets for your Slides

Royalty free stock images and vector graphics are built into Voice, but you can also add your own if you like. My Adobe Voice is connected to my Dropbox account to quickly add files from my computer. You can also change the theme and music as well.

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Part 4: Cleaning up and Exporting

Voice quickly exports to social media, email, text or your iPad’s video library. I used airdrop to transfer the video to my Mac computer.

Adobe Voice is a really powerful tool for creating video content and distributing it quickly. I hope you use it often to create compelling projects in your workflow. Thanks for watching!

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