Secrets for Building Better PDFs

Everyone knows how to read a PDF, fill out a PDF form, and perhaps even save a file as a PDF. But there are tricks and techniques you can use to create better PDFs, and we’ll cover a variety of them in this workshop. We’ll work in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Acrobat to create, edit and add magic to a variety of PDFs.

Topics include:

  • Combining multiple documents into one PDF
  • Editing a PDF
  • Saving webpages and even websites as PDF documents
  • Moving, cropping, inserting and replacing PDF pages
  • Adding page numbers, and headers & footers
  • Downsizing a PDF
  • Extracting images from a PDF
  • Adding hyperlinks and buttons to PDFs
  • Controlling how a PDF reacts with PDF Properties

Download PDF Workshop Files