Virtual Private Networking (VPN) USC Annenberg Workflow

Getting Started

Virtual Private Networking  can connect you to USC’s Secure Wireless Network outside of USC via the Internet. This article will teach you how to download the AnyConnect software, install the software and then show you how to login to USC.

1) Visit the following links to download the VPN software for your system. Click on the DOWNLOAD VPN SOFTWARE button on the page:

AnyConnect Client for Mac

AnyConnect Client for PC

2) You’ll be directed to log in with your myUSC credentials.

3) Click on Start AnyConnect.

4) The site will attempt to perform a web installation. If it fails, click on the blue link that says AnyConnect VPN to manually download the software.

5) If the file doesn’t open automatically, open the .dmg or .exe file from your Downloads folder and click through on all of the installation screen prompts.

4) Once installed, open the program and type and press Connect.

5) Select Home under groups and type in your USC user ID and password on the Shibboleth Single Sign-on page. Press OK and authenticate using Duo Two-Factor Authentication when prompted. Note: Two-Factor Authentication is a security measure you are required to enable in order to access USC’s Secure Wireless Network via VPN.

6) AnyConnect should now tell you that you are connected. You’ll now be able to visit


 After following the process above I am still unable to connect to VPN with my Windows 8.1 Machine.

A small amount of users are having this problem. Our IT team has found a solution. Right click on the programs executable file and select properties.

It most cases it will be located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\vpnui.exe

Select the check box “Compatibility Mode” and set “Windows 8” in the pull down field.

Restart your computer and connect.




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