Tool: Excel

Excel is a powerful tool to sorting, organizing, and making your data manageable. You’ll be able to gain insights and create meaning out of your data. Reformat, rearrange, and sort through your data in smart and efficient ways and let it help you perform complex analyses and summarize your data with features like pivot-table options. When you can utilize the power of Excel, you’ll be able to get a better picture of your data – highlight trends and patterns, extract info from it more quickly, and find your best storyline.

The Excel Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet for PC and Mac users

Want to get more familiar with Excel and impress your employers at the same time? Learn these keyboard shortcuts to navigate Excel sans-mouse and to work faster, easier, and more efficiently. This "cheat sheet" to Excel will equip with you with the simple shortcuts you need to navigate, select, format, and edit in Excel with ease.

Data Analysis with Excel

Understand how journalists and communication professionals can use Excel to analyze data and discover patterns and trends to develop story ideas or glean more insightful conclusions in this workshop for users who already know Excel basics.