Intro to Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark has replaced Adobe Slate, Post, and Voice as a free, all-in-one content creator. The program provides a plethora of formatting and editing options – all you need is pictures and text.

Creating a new Spark project

Within Spark, there are three different content formats for different presentation needs.

  • Spark Posts optimizes images and text for social media
  • Spark Videos creates a narrated movie from voice recordings, images, and video clips
  • Spark Pages builds image-based webpages (and auto-generates their layouts)

To create any of the above, simply click the blue “add” button and select a format from the drop-down.

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Spark Posts
  1. Create a Post
    • you can start from scratch, which will create a blank canvas
    • or you can choose from one of the many premade templates
  2. Play around with the option tabs!
    • Design – apply premade photo filters and text effects 
    • Layout – apply borders and create different grid layouts (tip: click on any cell to delete it or replace it with an image)
    • Palette – change the color combination of the post (including text and shape elements) 
    • Background – add/change photo filters (if background is an image) or add solid background colors (tip: click on the settings button that appears on hover to choose custom colors)
    • Text: Edit textbox shapes, color, spacing, alignment, etc (tip: the circle spinner is a sort of style randomizer – drag the button around or click the center to generate new text style combinations)
  3. Some additional tips:
    • double click on text fields to edit
    • some options will have a shuffle button appear when you hover over them – click shuffle to show different layout/color/text combinations on your post
    • there is currently no Undo button, so you may want to duplicate your work when making large changes!
    • under the text tab, use styles for blocks of text and words for individual words

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Spark Videos
  1. Create a Video
    • follow the on-screen prompts to create a video from a template or from scratch
  2. Change the layout of each slide or the theme of the whole video
  3. Add music
  4. Click the “+” button in each slide to add video elements
    • Video: Upload a video from your computer
    • Text: Add/format words
    • Photo: Add images
    • Icon: Add decorative icons
  5. On each slide:
    • Click the red microphone button to record audio
    • Click the white play button on the left to preview the slide
    • Click the time button on the right to change the length of the slide (tip: if you have audio, the slide length will be determined by the length of the audio recording)
  6. Click the gray play button In the bottom slideshow timeline to view your video

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Spark Pages
  1. Create a Page
    • all Pages start as a default template, but this can be changed under themes
  2. Scroll and hover the the “+” button that appears to add page elements
    • Glideshows: Full-page scrolling slideshows that you can add captions to
    • Photo Grid: Generates grid layouts for a selection of images
    • Buttons: Use to link to other websites/pages
    • Videos: Supports video embed from YouTube, Vimeo, and Spark Videos
    • Text: Create/format words – both headers (H1 and H2) and paragraph blocks

And that’s it – you’re now well on your way to making streamlined posts, pages, and videos with Adobe Spark!