Creative Cloud Eligibility

  1. Must be a current Annenberg major, minor, or a USC student currently taking an Annenberg course this semester
  2. Must be a current Annenberg staff or faculty member

Requesting a Creative Cloud Invitation

Please read the following prior to requesting an invitation to Creative Cloud:

If you are a continuing student, search your USC inbox for an invitation from “” that you may have already received at the beginning of the school year. The invitation looks like the one pictured to the right.

If you have never received this invitation, please email to request an invitation be resent to your USC inbox. Please allow up to 72 hours for the email to be sent. If you need the software immediately, we suggest downloading a 30-day trial with a non-USC email address until you receive your invitation.

If you are a newly admitted student, you will receive an invitation from “” at the beginning of the Fall semester. Please wait until the end of August for your invite, if at that time you still do not receive an invite, please request one by emailing

Annenberg Faculty and Staff are also eligible to receive access Adobe Creative Cloud and can request an invitation by completing the form below.

*Note: You must have a USC email address to request a Creative Cloud invitation via this form.

Fill out the Faculty & Staff form here.*

Downloading the Creative Cloud

Once you’ve received your invitation, check out our instructions on downloading the Adobe Creative Cloud here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions by viewing the FAQ below. Please direct any unanswered questions to or visit the Annenberg Digital Lounge helpdesk in ANN 301.

When will I receive an invitation to claim my Adobe Creative Cloud account?

New students will receive an email from “” in August. Please stay tuned for more information and check your junk box if you don’t see it. If you are a continuing student and have already activated your account, your account should automatically renew. If you are a continuing student and never activated your account, and/or have any other questions , please email

Who at Annenberg has access to Adobe Creative Cloud?

Faculty and staff, including adjunct instructors. For students, must have a major or minor in Annenberg or be taking at least one Annenberg class per semester for access.

How long do I have access for?

Students will have access to Creative Cloud as long as they are a registered Annenberg student.

After my access expires, what happens? Will my saved projects be lost?

You will receive a notification from Adobe saying your access has expired. Your projects will be saved, however; in order to access or log back in to your account, you will need an active Creative Cloud membership. Additional information relating to Annenberg’s future Creative Cloud offers will be provided soon.

What programs are offered in Adobe Creative Cloud?

See here for a complete list of programs.

How many licenses do I have with my access?

Each application in Adobe Creative Cloud has two licenses, meaning you can download each individual application on up to two (2) devices. For example, you could download Photoshop on your laptop and tablet, while Premiere can be downloaded on your desktop and laptop, etc.

I don’t have a lot of space on my computer. Do I need to download all of the programs in Creative Cloud?

No, you do not need to download all of the programs in Creative Cloud. Once you complete the Creative Cloud Installer and log in with your Adobe ID, you will be able to choose from the Creative Cloud dashboard which programs you would like to download, update, or uninstall.

I have older versions of Adobe programs on my computer. Will I lose my saved projects if I download Creative Cloud?

No, downloading Creative Cloud will not erase any of your old versions of Adobe programs. Once you log in to your Adobe Creative Cloud account, you will see all versions of the Adobe programs that you have downloaded on that device, with the option to erase or update, as needed.

Are there workshops for Adobe Creative Cloud offered at Annenberg?

Yes, there will be various workshops centered on Creative Cloud programs in the Annenberg Digital Lounge, including certification courses. Please see the updated calendar for the workshop schedule or visit us in ANN 301.

If I can’t attend the workshops or need additional help, where can I go?

The Digital Lounge posts videos screencasts and step-by-step tutorials of their workshops on their website. In addition, you have free access to, a great resource that offers video tutorials on various programs including the Adobe Creative Cloud. You will be able to log in to Lynda through USC ITS with your myUSC login credentials. Adobe also offers their own online video resource called Adobe TV.

Need Inspiration?

See what other students and faculty are doing in the Adobe Creative Cloud to get inspired.

 Laptop & Mobile Phone Policy

What is the Annenberg Laptop Requirement?

Annenberg students are required to Bring Their Own Device (BYOD) and need to have a PC or Apple laptop that is capable of running the latest software that is provided, which includes a multicore processor with 64-bit support. Please see a detailed listing of current minimum and recommended technical specifications here.

Do I need to purchase a new laptop if I already have one?

No, the purchase of a new laptop is not necessarily required. However, you will need a laptop that is capable of running the required/provided software that you will use for your courses.

Are certain operating systems or hardware specifications recommended?

A full list of Annenberg’s minimum and recommended hardware specifications can be found here. There is no specific operating system required. However, there are minimum hardware requirements for running the Adobe Creative Cloud software, which is used in many of our courses. These are the latest specifications according to Adobe:

  • Multicore processor with 64-bit support (Intel processor for Mac)
  • macOS v.10.15 (or later)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit), version 1909 or later
  • At least 8GB of RAM (16 recommended)
  • 8GB of available hard-disk space
  • 1920×1080 display minimum

Please see Adobe’s full technical requirements here.

What software do I need to purchase with my laptop?

As a current USC student, you may download up to five (5) copies of the latest version of Microsoft Office for use on your personal computing equipment, including desktop or laptop computers, and up to five copies on your iPhone, iPad, and Android and Windows mobile devices. Download Microsoft Office for free and any other program you deem important to your academic success.

Adobe Creative Cloud will continue to be provided for all Annenberg students, so you do not need to purchase the Adobe software.

When is Annenberg implementing this new BYOD requirement?

The school-wide Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) laptop requirement began in Fall 2014.

Who is required to have a laptop?

All continuing and new Annenberg students (all undergraduate and graduate majors and minors) are required to have a laptop to be used in their Annenberg classes. Again, this laptop must be capable of running the required software.

Why is Annenberg implementing this new requirement?

The school-wide BYOD laptop requirement has been implemented to maximize the use of technologies students already bring into the classroom and research environments. This policy also allows the school to focus resources on supporting a mobile-rich and technology-intensive environment.

Will my financial aid cover the cost of my laptop?

Please contact the USC Financial Aid office for information and eligibility you may have to cover the cost of your laptop.  You can contact the Financial Aid office at (213) 740-4444 or visit their website. Also, if you have additional questions on resources, please send an email to

Will Annenberg students be offered a discount at the USC bookstore?

The USC Computer Store, located in the USC bookstore, offers various academic discounts for students who purchase computers and software. For more information on discounts and rates, please visit the USC Computer Store or the Apple Store for Education (for discounts on Macs).

Will Annenberg students be offered a discount on PC purchases?

USC Annenberg has partnered with KST Data and HP to provide three business model laptop options that meet the minimum computer requirements. Please visit the KST Store and enter the username uscasc and password fighton to take advantage of this partnership.

What type of support will Annenberg offer students to help maximize their technology access in the new building?

Located in Wallis Annenberg Hall 301, the Digital Lounge provides various software workshops. Please see the Digital Lounge website for additional information.

What is the recommendation for smartphones?

It is recommended that students purchase either an Apple or Android smartphone.

  • Apple: iPhone 5 or higher, must be running iOS 8.1 or later
  • Android: Needs to have 1080p for video, must be running Android 4.4
  • Storage: 16GB minimum, 32GB recommended
If I have additional questions on the laptop policy, who can I contact?

Please contact TechOps at or (213) 740-5297.