Intro to SPSS Workshop Series

If you’re a stats newbie, this is the workshop for you! This 2-part series gives an overview of the SPSS software, along with real examples of data analysis. With this series, you will gain the tools to analyze your own research (without the math anxiety)!

Instructor: Nathan Walter, Ph.D Candidate

Part 1: Getting Started with SPSS

In this session, we will familiarize ourselves with the SPSS environment, learn how to import data, calculate descriptive statistics, and visualize the results. Topics covered include frequencies, working with outliers, data visualization, scale construction, and t-tests. Click here to download the slides and here for the practice files.

Part 2: The Essentials of SPSS

Continue developing your SPSS skill set as we explore the most common approaches to data analysis. Topics covered include correlations, ANOVAs, and regression (linear and logistic) models. Click here to download the slides.